Christmas Party

Chocolate table for prizewinners.

Thank you Georgina for bringing new members into the club with Monday night bridge lessons.

Thank you Susan McMahon who has sent reminders for our night sessions.


Christmas Pairs 2022

 N/S Muffy Smithson and Barbara Hastie (absent)

E/W Wilma Pfitzner and John Currie

New Year Pairs 

N/S Mary Francis and Barbara Hastie (absent)

E/W Gwen Riordan and Jennette Rosetta

 Mid-Year Pairs

N/S Mary Francis and Barbara Hastie (absent)

E/W Anne-marie Stevenson and Jennette Rosetta

Club Birthday Party

 N/S Jan Rava and Mary Francis (absent)

E/W Ken and Susan McMahon

Marie Gorham Pairs

N/S Rose Sogal and Graham Rosetta


E/W Ian Hamilton and Bert Adams (absent)

Most Green Points within Wagga Bridge Club.

 Jan Rava

N/S Apprentice Award

Sue Hitchens

E/W Apprentice Award 

Grant Harris (absent)


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