April - May 2024

SESSION TIMES:                                        CONTACT US:                                                           

Monday   6.45 for 7.00 pm start                    www.waggabridgeclub.com

Tuesday 12.45 for 1.00 pm start                    PO Box 863, Wagga Wagga,  NSW,  2650

Thursday  6.45 7.00 pm start (trial)              Secretary:  Ian Hamilton, 0400 311183

Thursday – 5.30 PM, Supervised                    Newsletter:  Valerie  Cook, 0417 050633

Friday 12.45 for 1.00 pm start           

Need a partner:   Register on Pianola Partner Finder or phone Valerie Cook

Saturday:   12.45 for 1.00 pm start - contact K McMahon to book in

vv        Masterpoint Promotions:

Anne-marie Stevenson: Bronze Local

Kevin Riordan:  National

Jennette Rosetta:  Bronze Life

Congratulations to awardees!



v  On-line Pairs League:

Over 8 weeks, January to March Members from WWBC competed in the 4 sections.


Players were Bal Krishan,  Phil Glover, Liz Moss, Gwen Riordan, Jennette Rosetta, Anne-marie Stevenson, Graham Rosetta and Craig Stevenson.


Congratulations to Jennette and Anne-marie for coming 1st in their section, winning 6 of 8 matches.

 vvWWBC Congress:  Entry details

See page 1 of Brochure at the end.  Note that the Director will be Daryl Whitfield (replacing Martin Willcox).


Entries to be made through MyAbf (you will need to Register with MyAbf), or, add your name/s and details on a list at the Clubrooms.

Good entries so far from a wide field of players.



vSaturday Bridge:  You will be advised when Saturday session will be held, a good time for a relaxed session and for workers and newer Members to join in.


vBeginner Lessons:  Sunday afternoon lessons going well with new and returning players.


25 April 2024 – ANZAC DAY

Well done Bert!


Bert with daughter, Nancy


Wheelchair (just in case), but not needed.


vvTable Etiquette – a few important items which often need a reminder: 


* If there is any infringement at your table the Director should be called – do not make your own decisions – do not disagree with the Director – the Director’s decision is final.

*  When dummy, keep your hands off the table until declarer has called for a card, nor should you indicate which card you think should be played!

* Make beginners welcome – new players are the future of the game we love.

* When claiming game you must state your line of play clearly – less experienced players may not see it as clearly. Sometimes better to play it out.

* Do not hold up play by filling in Personal Scorers, especially when you are on lead!                            

*  At the end of each session, empty bins and set up table for next session. 


vWelfare, Birthdays, Celebrations, events:

Birthdays, celebrations, are always coming up, so for any member with a birthday, special birthday, or special celebration, best wishes and enjoyable times. Congratulations to Georgina and Kyle on the birth of their daughter Olivia


For any Member who has been unwell, or recovering from the loss of a family member, we look forward to your return to Bridge.




Anne-marie Stevenson is our Welfare contact member.






vvv  Committee Meetings:


Meetings are held (usually) once a month and if you have anything you would like to be discussed by the Committee, please contact the Secretary, in writing, for the matter to be discussed.







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