Congress 2023

Director - Martin Willcox

Assistant Convenor and players

Happy Contestants

2023 Congress Pairs Prize Winners

OPEN 1st J Palmer, M Dowling

2nd J Currie, P Glover

3rd C McMahon, J McMahon

INTERMEDIATE  1st G McMahon, K Giggacher

2nd B Heriot, S Ryan

3rd G Riordan, A Berry

NOVICE 1st B Bassingthwaite, J Cauduro Sutcliffe

2nd H McMahon, H Collie

SUPER NOVICE 1st P Giannotis, A Holman

2nd J Ogden, A Dyke

3rd A Clifford, B Bradford

BEST LOCAL TEAM out of the prize money

W Pfitzner, J Rava

2023 Congress Teams Results

 OPEN 1st Y Qi, K Crowe-Mai, E Jacob, A Spooner

2nd N Ranson, M Smith, A Stoneham, E Lee

3rd J Carberry, K Hart, I Lisle, V lisle

INTERMEDIATE 1st G McMahon, K Giggacher, H Collie, H McMahon

2nd A M Stevenson, J Rosetta, M Ardern, C Scenczy

3rd V Cook, G Riordan, A Berry (K Riordan-absent)

NOVICE 1st B Bassingthwaite, J Cauduro Sutcliffe, G Scealy, M Jolly

BEST LOCAL TEAM out of the prize money

S McMahon, K McMahon. C McMahon, J McMahon

Australia Wide Open Pairs

1st N/S Dorothy Grady, Sally Ryan

1st E/W Wilma Pfitzner, John Currie

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