Beginners’ Lessons

Bridge is THE most intriguing card game ever developed but like all good games of strategy, it takes time to get a handle on the basics. Conventional wisdom has it that the basics can be covered in about eight or so lessons.

The Wagga Wagga Bridge Club offers FREE lessons to get people started. The fact that the lessons are free it quite unusual in Bridge circles. Many clubs and private bridge organisations charge substantial fees for lessons, well into the hundreds of dollars in most cases.

Our view is that we are providing a community service in Wagga for its residents and we would rather that you had the opportunity to see if Bridge is for you, without laying out a substantial amount of money.

Each year, there are intakes into the beginners’ lessons in the first and second half of the year.

Beginner’s lessons are followed by a period of ‘Assisted Play’ where several tutors are available (often one per table) during the play to discuss various aspects of the hands being played. These sessions are still social/learning and not competitive.

As soon as you would like to, you are most welcome to join any of the regular weekly competition sessions.

To register your interest or get any further information, contact the club Secretary:

Valerie Cook
Phone: 6925 1761