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The Wagga Wagga Bridge Club is always seeking new members and visitors, so why not bring a friend, or just come along and join one of the Club’s FREE beginner classes. Our many talented players are keen to make your Bridge learning experience incredibly enjoyable.

 We hold sessions of play each week spread between daytime and evening time slots to cater for a wide range of circumstances. Special Congresses are also held when other Bridge Clubs are invited to join us and we travel to other clubs in return. Our normal weekly session times are:

Congratulations to the winners of the Club Championship Teams event.

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Upcoming events for September:

Saturday Bridge:

1.00 pm each Saturday.

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Friday 27th – Red Point Event

Spring Pairs

October Events:

Entries now open for Albury Congress 11 to 13 October.

The Wagga Wagga Bridge Club exists to help you enjoy Bridge and make new Bridge friends in your community.

The Club is affiliated with the Australian Bridge Federation and awards ABF Master Points. In terms of size it is ranked 69th out of 352 Bridge clubs in Australia, making it the most substantial club in south western NSW.

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